Who are we ?

This adventure started with the determination of Hasan Karaboz first with only one truck. Karabozlar Transport has always given priority to customer satisfaction and has never compromised service quality in this way. With a flexible and solution-oriented approach, our company has built a throne in the hearts of customers and has continued to develop good relationships. Our company started to go abroad under its own name after being awarded the C2 authorization certificate in the foundation year and has been developing every day.

The fact that our customers have chosen us for many years has made us proud and motivated even more. We do not hesitate to offer our flexible operations to every customer and we produce quick solutions.

  • Our mission

    It is to be one of the most productive companies that come to mind in the sector and to observe the pioneers of the industry and to add value to our values in a predictable way. As Karabozlar Transport, it is our existence reasons to expand our value-added operations after benefiting primarily to our customers and to the environment.

  • Our vision

    To be able to provide all our logistics services to our customers and to be a part of our customers' supply chain. Innovative, value-bearing, responsible, and pioneering in our region form the basis of our vision.

  • Our values

    Our priority values are to have a quality business and to be sustainable. we believe that we have provided customer satisfaction in this way.